Julian Harston

“One of the worlds leading practitioners of UN Peacekeeping”

 Julian Harston is lecturing successfully in the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan and Kenya, in the United States, and in Austria, Norway, Romania and Sweden on Peacekeeping and Security. He has also participated in a number of Round tables and other discussions.

His extensive experience in International Relations, and Peace and Security matters makes him a valuable participant in training courses for Senior managers, and in Conferences and other fora where there is a need for senior management experience in these fields.

Julian Harston is now lecturing on a regular basis to Undergraduate and Graduate classes at the Belgrade Diplomatic and security academy. He is also able to offer Consultancy Services to Companies and Individuals on United Nations Peacekeeping, and on wider Security and Political issues, with particular expertise in the Balkans, in the Maghreb and sub Saharan Africa.

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